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Church of Saint Prenda, Pllanë

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The Church of Saint Prenda in Pllana, Lezhë, is an important monument of cultural heritage, which dates from the 14th century and represents an example of Gothic-Roman architecture remaining in the territory of Albania. This church has a history and characteristics that make it special in the context of Albanian cultural heritage.

The church is located east of Pllana, standing majestically on a hill, where it offers a beautiful and fruitful view around. Built in the 14th century, this church is a testament to the complicated relationship between the Roman emperors and the Byzantine emperors, following the Benedictine style.

The building is a simple construction, built with rough limestone and pumice stone, giving it a soft and authentic appearance. The narthex of the church is open and surrounded by arcades on square-cut pilasters, where masonry and red brick are used to complete the architectural details.

The main door of the church is located on the west side, while another door is located in the central part of the north side of the nave. The church is notable for a large circular apse on the east side, accompanied by two small niches on the sides. The arched and circular windows give a rich illumination inside the church, making it a quiet place for worship.

The Church of Saint Prenda in Pllana has a rich history, documented in the 17th century, when it was subordinated to the bishopric of Lezha, Kruja and Durres. The church preserves wall paintings on the western side of the Naos and on the eastern side of the Narthex, following the fresco technique. The painting holds the scene of Saint James and Saint Veneranda, providing an important artistic and religious portrait from the medieval period. St. James is presented with his body facing away, while St. Veneranda is held in a firm pose and caresses an olive branch, the sacred symbol of this religious object.

This church is a treasure of cultural heritage and a testimony of the architectural and artistic values of the medieval times in Albania.


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