Agricultural Products

Natural products of Boçi Farm

The best gift of Albanian nature, all for your pleasure! At Boçi Farm every product is grown naturally, without chemicals or artificial elements, taking care that every product is natural and healthy. Our citrus fruits grow in the rich soils and the perfect climate with which nature has blessed the area of Borsh. From the many decades of experience of our staff and from the great care with whic


Taxi Seit Xhani

Seit Xhani has more than 20 years of experience as a taxi driver. And as a resident of this area, he knows the place very well. 1.      Borsh- Sarande -> 4000 Lekë 2.      Borsh- Himare -> 2000 Lekë 3.      Within Borshit -> 500-700 Lekë 4.      Borsh - Vlora -> 8000 L


Fast Food

Fast Food & Desserts B&B

Fast Food & Desserts B&B is located in Borsh, just 300 m from the wonderful beach. Fast Food & Desserts B&B is very well suited to the needs of any age group by offering a variety of fast food services. There you can enjoy specialties cooked with a lot of dedication. Highlighting the fact that many tourists and visitors often stop to enjoy the specialty of Fast Food & Dessert


BENI Supermarket

We are located in Borsh, 1 minute from the beach. You will find everything you are looking for with a variety of products, reasonable prices and guaranteed quality. Starting from food products, drinks, beach products, toys, etc., you will be able to fulfill your every requirement in our market. If you want to eat well, quench your thirst, have fun with different games, buy something for the beach

Tow truck

Tow Truck Memi

If you have problems with your vehicle, or if you are stuck somewhere from where you cannot move, we are close to you to offer you a fast, safe and professional service.  With several years of experience in this industry, you will always be safe in the hands of Tow Truck  Memi! We offer 24 hour coverage throughout Albania. The fee varies depending on the area.

Auto servise

Special Carwash Turi

We are located in Borsh, no more than 100 m from the beach. At Special Car Wash Turi, we offer our customers fast and quality service. What we offer you is perfect cleaning, a car that shines and a clean interior. Bring your car to Special Turi Car Wash and make it look like new! We also offer: Car Wash Inside and Out Engine wash Carpet cleaning Hotel and House Cleaning Washing Bar-Restau


Bar Memi

We are located at the top of the village of Borsh, 1.5 km from the beach, 1 km from the center of Borsh, 2 km from the castle and 3 km from the Qeparo roundabout. Our bar often serves as a rest stop for the lines of travelers who move to the south of Albania. Here you will find not only a variety of drinks, but also snacks. We also offer a relaxing environment in our bar. Free parking for your c


Police Station, Palasa

The Police Station is responsible for enforcing the law and maintaining public order in the Palasa area. With a professional and active service throughout the year, Palasa has been transformed into one of the safest areas of the Albanian coast. The police station is located about 700 m from the national road.

Postal services

Albanian Post Office Dhermi

The point of the Albanian Post Office in Dhërmi is in the center of the village. Service Monday to Friday: 08.00: 15.00 and Saturday: 08.00: 13.00. The post's mission is to provide postal service and other commercial services to citizens, businesses and institutions.

Local unit

Municipality of Himara

The new municipality of Himara is a municipality rich in economic resources, with a focus on tourism, fishing, livestock and olive groves, all products and services with high, added value.The new municipality has significant economic opportunities and in general infrastructure, developed in terms of roads and drinking water. While its coast is considered one of the cleanest in the country, due to

Livestock products

Ylli Meat Products 2

We offer you a variety of meat choices, from the surrounding villages. All our products are certified as natural, hormone and antibiotic free products. Our animals live and are fed in nature, which is directly related to the high quality of the meat and the large number of nutritional values that we offer. We also have chicken in our store. Our farms and farmers have an old tradition in raising

Dental Clinic

Himara Dental Clinic

Himara is proud of Himara Dental Clinic. Anyone looking for a service with quality dental professionalism in the city can find it in the small ring of the city, about 50 meters from the Himarë municipality building and 50 meters from the 9-year-old Pano Nikolla Meniko school. For more information about the services offered by Himara Dental Clinic, follow us below: Our clinic, which offers s

Filling station

Fuel "Mërkuri Oil"

"Mërkuri Oil" is located in Borsh, at the entrance to the beach road and on the axis of the Himare-Saranda national road. It is 2 km from the beach of Borshi, 1 km from the center of the village, 3 km from the village of Qeparo, and 14 km from the town of Himara. Merkuri Oil with over 20 years of experience is the only fuel in Borsh. In our gas station we offer 24 hour service with a qualifi

Health Center

Piqeras Health Center

Piqeras Health Center is at the service of the community 24 hours, with a qualified staff of doctors and nurses.  Piqeras Health Center is in operation throughout the year and the medical materials in this center are guaranteed by the Ministry of Health of the Albanian State. In emergency cases, citizens can call the National Emergency at number 127.

Educational institutions

Primary School "Lukovë"

The primary School "Lukovë" has a qualified staff to educate students with high values. The school prepares children up to the 9th grade, to then move on to the gymnasium. This school is located between Himara and Saranda, two of the most beautiful cities in the South.

Maritime transport

The port of Saranda

The port of Saranda is the southernmost port of Albania, with an area of about 17,396 m². The port of Saranda is located at coordinates 39°52' 15'' North and 20° 00' 11'' East. This port has already been turned into a tourist port due to the fact that of the total number of passengers processed, about 90% of them are tourists... The port is the only port in the south of Albania and serves the


Bar Restaurant "Perla e Borshit"

Perla e Borshi is located 400m from the center of Borshi, 2.5km from the beach and 3.4km from the Qeparoi roundabout. Perla e Borshi is one of the perfect places to enjoy your coffee, spend fantastic moments with your friends and family while enjoying grilled meat and fish products. In addition to the comfortable environment and welcoming staff, it offers a magnificent view of Borshi. At Perla e


Lida Pharmacy

Lida Pharmacy is located 100m from the center of Himare, 12km from the Qeparoit roundabout and 15km from Borshi. Lida Pharmacy with over 40 years of experience in the field of pharmacy offers you every pharmaceutical product necessary for your health and not only that, you can find every product for your children, oral hygiene, blood pressure measurement, diabetes measurement and various medicine

Craft work

Suvenire Himara Shop

The Suvenire Himara Shop is located 100m from the center of Himara, 12 km from the Qeparoi roundabout and 15 km from Borshi. Suvenire Himara offers you a variety of handicraft products starting from handmade bags, various  crochet, wallets, cup holders and not forgetting the glass works in the shape of an eye which come in different sizes and different designs like necklaces, bracelets , key

Free professions

Himara Seas The Day

It provides exciting Ionian coastal trips suitable for couples, families, and social groups that are filled with enjoyable activities. Essential details about the tours are conveniently provided below. The tour from Gama Bay to Karaburun( group day trip) Travel details The boat departs daily from the small jetty in the city center of Himara for Grama and reaches their destination in about 2