Fast Food

Fast Food & Desserts B&B

Fast Food & Desserts B&B is located in Borsh, just 300 m from the wonderful beach. Fast Food & Desserts B&B is very well suited to the needs of any age group by offering a variety of fast food services. There you can enjoy specialties cooked with a lot of dedication. Highlighting the fact that many tourists and visitors often stop to enjoy the specialty of Fast Food & Dessert
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Pizza Pasta Ogi

Pizza Pasta Ogi, the right place for pasta lovers. With two locations in Tirana only 10 minutes away from the city center, this restaurant offers a wide range of Italian dishes and not only. This restaurant offers delicious, high quality food, fast and friendly service, as well as a cozy atmosphere.
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Organic Pharmacy Besmira

Organic Pharmacy Besmira offers a range of personal care products. Besmira is known for using 100% organic and natural ingredients in the creation of its health and beauty products. The staff at Organic Pharmacy Besmira is dedicated to providing personalized advice and assistance to each customer. They share a passion for using natural ingredients to improve health and beauty. Organic Pharmacy B
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Sem's Bakery

Sem's Bakery is a gastronomic center open 24/7, we offer a wide range of fresh and delicious food products, from aromatic bread to satisfying desserts. The high quality of our products is taken care of, using fresh ingredients and striving for continuous improvement. Our prices are reasonable, without compromise on quality. Visit Sem's Bakery for a great food experience any time of the day or nig
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Agro Farm

OKO Farm

OKO Farm's traditional restaurant is a favorite destination for gourmets and food lovers, just 300 meters from the highway exit in Mullet, Tirana. The setting of the restaurant is wonderful, surrounded by natural scenery and a peaceful atmosphere. Visitors enjoy traditional Albanian cuisine in a welcoming atmosphere. This place is ideal for romantic dinners, family meetings, or to celebrate speci
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Tow truck

Tow Truck Memi

If you have problems with your vehicle, or if you are stuck somewhere from where you cannot move, we are close to you to offer you a fast, safe and professional service.  With several years of experience in this industry, you will always be safe in the hands of Tow Truck  Memi! We offer 24 hour coverage throughout Albania. The fee varies depending on the area.
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Holiday homes

Mabel Rooms

Mabel Rooms is located by the Durrës beach and offers various facilities for a comfortable stay. You can relax in the beautiful garden or enjoy the views from the balcony of the room. Free internet and free private parking are available. The reception is open 24 hours and security is guaranteed throughout the day. A picnic area is available to enjoy a day outdoors. Durrës beach: 400 mete
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Taxi Lux Albania

'Taxi Lux Albania' is here for you, available 24/7 with a fleet of brand-new cars, providing top-quality services at the most competitive prices in the market. We offer special holiday and weekend deals, including round-trip options. Why Choose Us? Established in 2010, 'Taxi Lux Albania' has continually modernized its fleet year after year, ensuring superior s
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Supermarketi HALO

HALO Supermarket is a two-story shopping center designed to fulfill all customer needs. The first floor features a vast array of food products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, cleaning supplies, and cosmetics. This section boasts a diverse selection of high-quality items, both local and imported. The second floor is dedicated to non-food items, such as cookware, housewares, bed sheets, and
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National Parks

Antigone Archaeological Park

Antigone Archaeological Park is one of the most important and amazing places in Gjirokastra. This park is characterized by its rich history and the great archaeological heritage it includes. The history of the Archaeological Park of Antigone begins with the ancient period, when this place was an important Illyrian city. It was founded by the Illyrian king, Antigona, and then developed as an impor
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Livestock products


Venal Bee Farm provides an extensive selection of natural bee products, including premium honey, royal jelly, propolis, and more. These products are abundant in organic elements like proteins, vitamins, and amino acids, offering a nutritious food source and therapeutic benefits for various ailments. Venal Bee Farm is a trusted choice for anyone seeking top-quality, natural bee products.
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Ecuador Resort

Ecuador Resort in Zvërnec provides family-friendly accommodations, featuring rooms with TV and air conditioning. The resort also includes amenities such as a children's playground, a nightclub, and complimentary WiFi. Situated near Narta Beach and local attractions like Independence Square and Kuzum Baba, it’s an ideal destination for visitors to the area. The nearest airport is Tirana
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Quad Squad Durrës

"Quad Squad Durrës provides a thrilling adventure tourism experience, taking enthusiasts on motorcycle tours along natural trails. The journeys begin in the coastal town of Durrës and extend into the hilly regions of Kallmi, showcasing a unique blend of coastal and mountainous landscapes. This activity is perfect for thrill-seekers looking to uncover the hidden beauty of Albania'
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Former Military Department, Trebeshina

The former military outpost on Trebeshina Mountain was constructed around the 1970s at an altitude of 1850 meters. Besides its military role, this outpost served as a crucial communication hub due to its elevated position, providing sweeping panoramic views of southern Albania that awe and impress every visitor. While there is room for enhancement, this outpost has the potential to be a c
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Cult Points

Qelova Church, Mbrezhdan

The Qelova Church in the village of Mbrezhdan is among the seven churches originally found in the village, and notably the only one to endure through the communist era. Situated close to the Vjosa River, this church holds significant religious importance for believers. While it survived the communist regime as a place of worship, it has been somewhat neglected in the democratic era. Nev
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Sarajets of Ali Bej Këlcyre

The Sarajets of Ali Bej Këlcyre, one of Albania's most magnificent structures, stand proudly on the rocky slope of Mount Trebeshina, overlooking the entrance to the Gryka e Këlcyre. Constructed in the mid-19th century and associated with the Këlcyra family, this imposing building showcases traditional Albanian architecture, featuring eight large four-story towers crafted fro
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Police Station, Palasa

The Police Station is responsible for enforcing the law and maintaining public order in the Palasa area. With a professional and active service throughout the year, Palasa has been transformed into one of the safest areas of the Albanian coast. The police station is located about 700 m from the national road.
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Trebeshina Mountain

Trebeshina Mountain, part of the Trebeshina-Dhëmbel-Nemërçkë range, reaches an elevation of approximately 1900 meters and is one of southern Albania's natural treasures. The view from the summit is breathtaking, offering visitors a unique experience. Known by its mysterious name, Dejan, the mountain is believed to be the ancient site of the gods Dodona, adding a mythological
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Aesthetics & Hair Salons

Dyshka Beauty Salon

Dyshka Beauty Salon, led by the experienced master Duararta Dyshka, boasts over 25 years of expertise in the industry. Clients are warmly welcomed and receive personalized treatments, leaving the salon feeling more beautiful and confident. Renowned for her dedication and skill, Dyshka provides a comprehensive range of hairdressing and aesthetic services, ensuring each client receives customized
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Giardino Caffé

Giardino Caffé is renowned for its pleasant atmosphere and professional service, situated in a tranquil, green setting. It offers a variety of high-quality coffee options, including espresso, cappuccino, latte, and iced coffee. Additionally, guests can enjoy teas, soft drinks, wines, and craft cocktails. The staff delivers professional and high-quality service, ensuring a wonderful experie
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