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Borshi borders on the east with the village of Fterën and on the north with the village of Qeparo. It has a magnificent coastline of 7 km, with a population of 2500 inhabitants. This village stands out for its cultural heritage, livestock, agriculture, and for its stunning beaches.

Its panorama with a coastline surrounded by olive and citrus plantations is one of the most characteristic of the South coast. Borshi has a very favorable geographical position with many waters.

This village has not only the beautiful nature, the sea, the sky, the greenery, but many objects of cultural and historical heritage that show its antiquity. Borshi Castle or Sopot Castle as it is otherwise known, is located on a village hill that is 500m above sea level, while the old village is located a little higher than the new Borshi. It was attacked, occupied and burned by Greek soldiers in 1913, giving rise to the construction of the new Borsh. The village had over 600 houses, shops, craft workshops and schools.

Borshi is notable for the production of natural olive oil and also citrus fruits occupy an important part of agriculture.

During the summer, visitors can join various festivals that have been taking place in Borsh for several years, such as: " Netët e Yjeve ", "South Outdoor Festival", and other Festive Fairs.

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Borsh, Albania



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