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Cangoj Village

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Cangoj village is located in Progër i Devolli, Korçë. The area is about 250.00 ha. It is located exactly 16 km to the northeast of the city of Korça and near the toponym called the gorge of Cangonji, which geographically separates the plain of Korça from the plain of Devolli. The population is about 372 inhabitants, most of whom are engaged in subsistence farming or agricultural work.

The area is cross-border mountainous, of particular importance for the exchange of faunal and floristic elements of our country with those of Greece. It is a core and biocorridor for large vertebrates such as: bear, wolf, lynx, wild goat,
roe deer, thus gaining value and regional importance in the Balkans. Variety of habitats: natural subalpine and alpine pastures, beech, pine, fir and hazel forests. Many rare and subendemic plants are found.

The Trans Adriatic pipeline, which is under construction, passes through Cangonj. The construction project has contributed to the infrastructure of the area. Also, this area does not lack attractive landscapes, with great potential for tourism and sustainable development.

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Cangonj, Albania



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