Pirate's Cave

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The Pirate's Cave is one of the secrets of the Ionian coast. It is located near the beaches of Dhërmi, on a rocky shore very close to the Monastery of Shën Theodhorit.

The water cave has a depth of 40 meters, and traces of soot and fires can be seen through the wet walls. This natural object, according to Vlora geographers, is the country's largest sea cave, with many pockets inside it.

The entrance to the cave consists of two large cavities. To get to this cave, the only way is by sea with a boat.

Inside the space of the cave, we see that the side faces are composed of rock massifs

The history that the Pirate Cave carries and the extraordinary natural beauty attract many visitors. They have the opportunity to come to this natural environment, where past and present merge into one and evoke unusual emotions.


4MH2+MG, Dhërmi, Albania



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