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Patok-Fushëkuqe-Ishëm Lagoon

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The Patok-Fushëkuqe-Ishëm lagoon, nestled between the Mat River delta and Cape Rodon along the Adriatic coast in Lezhë, spans approximately 5,500.70 ha and holds protected status. Comprising shallow, marshy areas with abundant groundwater, it encompasses the Patok lagoon and the Mat River delta, alongside other significant regions like Droja and the swamps of Godulla and Negli. Despite human interventions such as drainage, dam construction, and deforestation, vestiges of old littoral belts and traditional wooden pile houses endure, offering glimpses into the area's historical ecology.

This region boasts rich wetlands and characteristic vegetation, fostering a diverse array of waterfowl and fish species. Notably, it serves as an Important Bird Area and provides critical habitat for globally threatened species like the numenius tennuirostris and sea turtles. Moreover, it hosts unique halophytic vegetation adapted to saline soils and stands as one of the Mediterranean's essential habitats for wading birds.

Fishing remains a cornerstone of the area's economic activity, thanks to its coastal, lagoon, and riverine conditions conducive to fisheries development. Additionally, ecological tourism presents a significant opportunity for the region's advancement, capitalizing on its natural features and diverse habitats, including the sea, lagoon, forests, and agricultural lands. The area's rich biodiversity, coupled with its traditional agricultural and fishing practices, forms the bedrock of its potential for sustainable ecotourism development.

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Fushë Kuqe, Albania



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