Tower of Ali Pasha or Tower of Vlashaj

Tower of Ali Pasha or Tower of Vlashaj 23 Apr 2022

The Tower of Ali Pasha or Tower of Vlashaj is located in Qeparo, about one kilometer north of the village, and is connected by an ancient walking trail. The complex features a three-story tower and on the ground floor has three rooms, the uppermost of which are supported by beautiful arches on stone columns.

It is unknown why Ali Pasha would build this beautiful villa so close to the small Ionian harbor instead of further inland where it would have been protected by the tough mountainous terrain of Laberia. Indeed the complex has fortress-like qualities and defense was certainly a consideration; it is separated from the village and in astrategic position, and would present practical challenges to agressors. One theory holds that in the event of an imminent danger, when Ali Pasha would have to leave the country and move wesrward by sea, this tower could have offered a kind of strategic decoy. Not ar from here is Porto Palermo, where Ali Pasha built a coastalmilitary fortress as well, from which his attempts at control over the Ionian Sea were issued.

Kalaja e Ali Pashës në Porto Palermo, destinacioni turistik mes detit dhe  legjendës

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